Our Town…and Reasons to Celebrate!

On September 7, 2020, the Babb Road Fire tragically destroyed 80% of the town. Fortunately no lives were lost in the wind-swept inferno and everyone was evacuated safely with only seconds to spare. The Town of Malden has started a new chapter, thanks to the diligent efforts of many to recover and rebuild.

Our accomplishments since September 8, 2020 include:

~ Establishment of a nonprofit long-term recovery organization to assist Malden and Pine City and their residents with recovery and restoration efforts

~ Damaged trees cut and cleared by Team Rubicon volunteers

~ Critical Areas ordinance and development regulations updated

~ $3.7 million (approximately) in grants from the state Public Works Board for water system improvements, including adding a second well and running additional water lines to provide added water service and fire protection

~ $400,000 in donations toward the building of a community center

~ Establishment of a temporary town hall, library, and food pantry

~ State-funded property clean-up and removal of old tires (fire debris has been removed from most sites throughout town)

~ Development of new comprehensive plan for Malden

~ Installation of temporary public showers

~ Official approval of re-establishment of the Malden post office (housed in the planned new municipal building)

~ Pepsi vending machine installed!

~ Two pickups donated for use by town personnel

~ Many volunteers generously donating their time to help with clean-up and beautification efforts

~ Donated financial support to pay for Disaster Case Managers

~ John Wayne trail riders came back in 2021!

~ 8 new volunteer-built homes constructed

~ Christmas shopping spree for the children of Malden and Pine City at the General Store in Spokane!

~ Firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) donated by various departments around the state and Department of Natural Resources

~ Successful Pine Creek/Malden Easter Egg Hunt in 2021!

~ Malden became part of the Whitman County Mitigation Plan, which makes the town eligible to apply for future projects that can enhance fire prevention and other disaster mitigation

~ FEMA disaster declaration granted on February 4, 2021 (public assistance)

~ Brush and pumper fire trucks donated

~ State-funded planning grants for block corners survey to aid in rebuilding residences, water, and sewer systems

~ A grant of $50,000 toward rebuilding the town park

~ Establishment of Malden as a trailhead on the Palouse to Cascades Trail State Park

~ Collaborations with the Port of Whitman and Ziply to install high-speed broadband to residents of Pine City and Malden (work expected to start by late October and be completed by early Spring 2022)

~ High speed internet has been installed at the church

~ Debris in the town’s rights-of-way has been cleared

~ A grant of $900,000 has been awarded by the state to build a permanent fire station

~ A grant of $30,000 has been awarded by the state for a master park plan for the town park

~ Temporary fire station completed

And the list will continue to grow!

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